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May 27th BOARD MEETING will be virtual:  Due to the Corona Virus, the meeting will be held on-line.  To attend via your computer or phone, Email the District Manager at darcybeardcpa@comcast.net (303-841-3474) by Wednesday, May 27th at 3pm


1.  Shortly before the meeting which begins at 6pm, go to the WebX Cisco site and download the meeting app. and follow the instructions

2.  The meeting ACCESS CODE is 126 456 3965; the MEETING PASSWORD is 2020EVMDMay27 (20203863 from phones and video systems)VIDEO ACCESS:  1264563965@meetingsamer4.webex.com

1.  Join by phone call
+1-408-418-9388 and use the above access codes as prompted

MAY 2020 DISTRICT BOARD ELECTION:  Due to no opposing candidates, the District May election has been cancelled.   The three candidates (Bill Waller, Larry Hammond and LuAnne Yoder) will take office for the three vacant seats.

MONITOR YOUR WATER USAGE! The East Valley Metro District recently replaced all water meters with state of the art meters that provide close to real time reporting.    The Districtís meters were due for replacement.  The new system eliminates the Districtís need to manually read meters providing long term cost savings.  It also provides usage, flow and leak analytics to help us better manager our water system. See instructions here.

NOTICE:  Board meetings are normally scheduled at 6:30 p.m. on the fourth Wednesday of the month at TACAir 7425 S. Peoria Street,  Centennial, CO 80111 near Centennial Airport.  Meetings are open to the public.  The on-line agenda is usually available by the weekend before the meeting.


Providing water, waste water and community trash collection services to Algonquin Acres and portions of the Valley Country Club Estates in Centennial Colorado, Arapahoe County.  USA.
Contacts (
email recommended except in emergencies):  District Manager (darcybeardcpa@comcast.net): 303-841-3474; Billing (eastvalleymetro@comcast.net): 303-284-7553; Water Emergency/Leak/Outage: 303-472-3090
Note: The high volume of calls during system-wide emergencies/leaks/outages usually precludes return calls, but your emergency reporting is encouraged and appreciated.
Payments:  Make checks out to East Valley Metro.  Send 
payment toPO Box 440245, Aurora, CO  80044


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